Bear Gardens

Key Facts
Client: Prime Construction
Contract Duration: 30 weeks
Services Used
  • Brickwork to three elevations to match style of local area
  • Design & installation of brick-clad concrete panels to one elevation
  • Provided innovative solutions to various challenges

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When Rainsford’s masonry sector were awarded the opportunity to work alongside Prime Construction, we were absolutely determined to provide the highest quality standard possible.
Bear Gardens provided an interesting project for the Rainsford team as it required designing and installing segmental arches and flat arches, brick-clad feature lintels with handmade bricks and flush mortar joints to match the existing facade. Moreover, there was a large architectural emphasis on the brickwork matching the existing style which meant careful, and often challenging work.

However, the team were able to overcome these difficulties skilfully and provide the Client with the beautiful finish they desired at an effective price.
Rainsford were also able to offer an innovative solution when the small space between Bear Gardens and its neighbouring building didn’t allow the Brickwork to be built traditionally. This was quickly dealt with by rationalising the north elevation from all pre-cast panels to mostly brickwork built ‘over-hand’. Once again, the team were able to fully meet the client’s needs.

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